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Muse: ENTP


Muse: INTJ



Muse: ISTJ

(You know how difficult this is to take as a different person?)

Muse: ESFP

Mun: ISFJ. 

(this was pretty interesting, but as Freyr-mun’s mentioned, it’s a little difficult taking this as your muse and as yourself lol)

Muse: ISTJ


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Such A Fishy Tail


There was always a risk when she went swimming at Coney Island, not because she was swimming without lifeguards, but because of her powers. There were times in the past when she had been caught on film, some tabloids using the picture to fuel rumors of mermaids in the ocean.

And Myrna would get grounded for a month afterwards.

Still she needed the water. Myrna felt stronger in the water, her body more able to handle whatever the things in the water could throw at her. She dove deeper into the water, her fingers brushing the ocean floor. Even though her heritage had kicked in almost ten years ago the feeling of water running over her gills.

Twirling under the water she watched a school of silver colored fish swim by her. She swan after them a little, a few other fish swimming around her tail and fins. The feeling was ticklish, the edges of her fins and tail sensitive to pressure. The pads of her hands, now sensitive to the feel of electrical pulses through the water.

A glance upward had her cursing mentally. The sun was getting high and soon the lunch beach rush would come. She needed to get out of the water and dry off before anyone saw her. Swimming for the surface she poked her head out slightly, checking the beach.

Good, no one was there. She swam to the little inlet she hide her bags. Pulling herself up onto the shore she started to dry her tail off.  Her hand touched the sand and suddenly she felt footsteps approaching her. She cursed and tried to dry her tail and gills faster.

Charlie didn’t often leave her apartment. She went out to buy groceries and take care of other such necessities, but otherwise she preferred the safety and sanctity of her tiny one-room flat over the crushing strangeness of the real world. Still, even a recluse such as her had moments when she needed to breathe. She didn’t live far from the beach, so she donned a t-shirt and a pair of shorts (rare for her; she preferred to cover up, but it was much too hot) and started walking.

The beach was, for the time being, deserted: a relief to Charlie, who dreaded being caught up in a crowd. Not only did her various psychological disorders make it difficult for her to function around large amounts of people, but her mutation had the same effect. Her telepathy had no filter, and she couldn’t block out the crushing invasion of thoughts that plagued her whenever she was near other sentient beings. For now, at least, she had some time to herself. Toeing off her sneakers, she wriggled her toes in the warm sand and sighed.

The waves lapped gently around her ankles as she walked up and down the shoreline, relishing the aloneness. Even at home, she was occasionally disturbed by the thoughts of other tenants, but here — here was true solitude, and it was wonderful. She decided on a whim to climb over some rocks to an inlet nearby, but as she drew closer, Charlie’s moment of peace came to an end. Someone else was there; she could hear her, and her thoughts did not sound happy. She waded closer and closer, until the stranger was in her sight, but what she saw left her dumbfounded.

"Mermaid." The word left her before she could stop it. She sounded stupid, and she blinked owlishly at what was indeed a young woman with the tail and gills of a fish. It occurred to Charlie a bit belatedly that the mermaid was probably a mutant. Quickly, she stammered an apology: "Um. Sorry. I just — I heard you, from — from the beach. I was curious."

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➳ The mere simplicity of the other woman’s gesture may have been born from innocence, but the action alone has successfully managed to catch the girl off her guard, and to be honest, Natalie wasn’t sure if she was offering her a hand up, or to shake. Realizing that she cannot stand while the restraints remain secured around her ankles, she quickly reaches a decision and slowly extends her own trembling hand to shake with the opposite female, feeling more like an idiot by the nearing second.

Once their exchange of introductions had been consummated, Natalie allows her hand to fall limp on the right arm of the small wooden chair, her cheeks reddened from embarrassment. Under any normal circumstances she might have smiled, or even muttered an expected “pleasure meeting you”, but they both understand that this is no ordinary encounter, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when she says nothing and instead shyly averts her gaze.

“I can’t,” she whispers sadly before nodding towards the dirt floor, bringing attention to where she is bound to the chair by her ankles. It is soon revealed that a thick rope had bitten into the flesh there, chafing from her previous struggles and blemishing white with crimson crusted blood. “Please,” she murmurs quietly, her voice thin and weak. Broken, she thinks bitterly, they have destroyed everything that I once was. “You have to help me.” It is a fractured hope that she has, something that she may never be able to restore to it’s previous golden state, but the shattered pieces still remain to her, and that is more than she ever thought possible. “Please,” she says once more, tears burning hot in her eyes.


The handshake was not what Charlie had intended, but she hadn’t noticed the rope that kept Natalie tied down. She grimaced tightly as Natalie’s thoughts floated through her mind unbidden. The pleading was unnecessary, for Charlie planned on helping her anyway. Stuffing her hand into her pocket, she pulled out a lighter. It was the only thing she had that might work in freeing the other girl. She nodded and bent down, holding the small flame to each restraint in turn. It took some time, but they frayed and eventually fell away.

"I didn’t burn you, did I?" she asked, a small hint of worry leaking into her normally expressionless voice. She pocketed the lighter and held her hand out once more. She wondered if anyone would come to check on Natalie, or to hurt her. Hopefully neither, but she couldn’t be sure and she doubted Natalie wanted to talk about whomever it was had put her here.

"My place isn’t far. We can go there."



Anyone know how the X-men roleplay scene is?

Are the people nice?

Is it easy to find partners?

Will they come down on you like thunder for tiny mistakes or creating a female Oc?

//Not sure how old this is, but finding partners kind of depends on the people you find. There’s lots of people out there, but few (in my experience) follow back when you follow them. It can be daunting to get into things, especially with an OC. But from what I’ve experienced of the scene, people are pretty friendly. My character isn’t made for X-Men, but she does have an X-Men AU. If you wanna roleplay, feel free to drop me a line whenever.


 Apprehension is quick to rise within the captive’s chest, sensible for a girl in such a pitiless environment, though she does not meet the other’s gaze by way of choice. “No,” she rasps in response, unsure if she should trust this stranger so readily. The promise of punishment for trusting a stranger’s kindness is not lost upon the girl, for they are not always what they seem, and she remembers the last time well enough. But she is weak and thinks that perhaps this time will be the last that she lives to know. “Natalie,” she says after a moment’s hesitation, uncertainty laced within her tone of voice. “My name is Natalie.”

The girl glances up at the opposite female then, her eyes forced to remain open despite the unbearable amount of sunlight. “W-why are you here?” She warily inquires, her voice laced with fatigue.


Of course she wasn’t okay. She looked like she’d been shut up in that shed for a long time. Clearing her throat, Charlie extended a hand — hesitantly, for she wasn’t fond of being touched, but she couldn’t just leave her. She blinked slowly as the girl introduced herself, tilting her head just slightly. Natalie; she’d have to remember that.

"I heard —" Charlie caught herself; she couldn’t say I heard your thoughts. Even if Natalie knew about people like her, most people didn’t take kindly to them. Best not to risk it. “I heard moving around. So I came to look. I guess you were trapped in here, so if you want, we can go now.” The offer came out on its own, awkward and ungentle as it was. She had never been particularly good at dealing with other people, and now she was thrust into this strange situation — though it was no one’s fault but hers.

//Anyone feel like threadinggg? >w>

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//Hello there, follower-y people. c: I like you.

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[ + roguishmutant ]


Smiling partly to reassure herself and the new mutant, she took her to the park, settling at the gazebo within - at least it was far enough from the playgrounds, enough to get them away from prying eyes. And ears. A low rumble was heard as she pat the seat next to her, getting her to sit down.

“Relax a little,” she chuckled, removing the sling bag around her, “Ah promise Ah’m not gonna hurt you, and there’s no reason for me t’do that anyhow.” Giving her a quick glance over, the poor girl just seemed so…lost, a little afraid of her even. Taking out her notebook, she shot the girl a quick smile before scribbling the address of the Academy and the phone numbers of a few staff members, including herself.


“So uh, your powers. So y’can read the minds of people that start thinkin’ random things in their head righ’?” [Are y’able t’go further than that? Like maybe control ‘em and make ‘em talk on your behalf…or maybe move things ‘n people with your mind?]

Telekinesis and telepathy, were surprisingly common among the mutant family - it was just the extent to which their powers were able to go that separated their class of mutants.

Hesitantly, Charlie sat down, though she kept herself very stiff, her limbs drawn in close to her body. Orange Jumpsuit Man was still there, about ten feet away from the gazebo; her eyes kept wandering over toward his direction. She had to force herself to focus on the other woman, especially since now she was talking to her. She nodded at the initial question, but when she heard the woman’s thoughts in her head, she started a bit.


[No,] she responded telepathically. Her mind’s voice was much more emotive than her physical voice. Her stammer was also nonexistent. [I can’t do any of that. I can find people, if I know their names. I see pictures of their location in my head. They usually can’t be more than two hours away from where I am, but there are exceptions. I don’t know what makes the exceptions happen. It also works on myself. I always know where I am, even if I’ve never been there before.]

Charlie sighed, picking at a loose thread on her t-shirt. That was the most she’d said to anyone in a long time, about her powers or otherwise. She wasn’t sure what made this girl so different. As she waited for a response, she realized something: her head was completely silent. The other woman’s thoughts did not invade her, even though they sat right next to each other. Was it because she knew? Charlie wanted to ask, but she didn’t, opting instead to relish the oh-so-rare silence.

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